Sleep apnea

    Many people have sleep apnea, but may not even know it. In fact, sleep apnea affects more than 3 in 10 men and nearly 1 in 5 women, so it is more common than you might think.1 It is important to recognise some of the common symptoms and understand why you may be feeling so tired and find out what to do if you do have sleep apnea.

    What is sleep apnea and what are the symptoms?

    What is sleep apnea? Learn more about the condition as well as the importance of correct diagnosis and treatment.

    Sleep apnea quiz

    Find out if you are at risk of sleep apnea by taking this short quiz. You can then talk to your doctor about your results and get the medical care you need.

    Diagnosis - sleep apnea test

    If you have trouble sleeping, snore or suspect that you have sleep apnea, it is important to take your signs seriously and take these three simple steps.

    Sleep apnea treatment

    Sleep apnea treatment options and an overview of what to expect from sleep apnea therapy from ResMed, the global leader in sleep medicine.



    Sleep-disordered breathing affects 34% of men and 17% of women aged between 30 and 70. Peppard et al. Increased Prevalence of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Adults. Am J Epidemiol. 2013 (5.17)